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Scenar Therapy

Treating pain and dysfunction holistically with science

Introduction to Scenar Therapy


Scenar uses powerful interactive ‘Biofeedback’ technology. Similar to a two-way street of information between the skin and the central nervous system.

The device is used on many types of painful problems especially musculoskeletal or soft tissue disorders and injury. Including treating chronic conditions and painful physiological dysfunction. Scenar talks to the muscle fibres which in turn resets the pain cycle and prompts the body’s natural adaptive cycles of healing to restart. By restarting and facilitating the regulation of nerve energy flow, the adaptive cycle resumes and natural relief, recovery and healing follow.

Scenar Therapy is often credited for fast tracking healing and reducing recovery time. Many clients report significant improvements for acute injuries the days after their first session.

What Is It

Scenar Therapy is a medical hand held device that is used on your skin to talk to your muscles, tissues and nervous system.

Good For

Scenar Therapy is perfect for acute and chronic pain, injuries, fragile skin, your muscles that are too sore or tender for massage.


Scenar Therapy is non invasive and gentle. It  helps you body heal on a specific and holistic level. There is no down time or restrictions after therapy.


Scenar Therapy resets the pain cycle,  fast tracks healing and reduces your pain. 


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Scenar is a digital medical device that works in a real-time ‘dialogue’ that creates a change in neuro responses. Like a reboot to reconnect how our mind talks to our body and how our body interprets the messages. The rate and amount of change are both measured internally by the Scenar device. It is applied through the skin to stimulate the therapeutic responses.

Scenar Therapy is a stand alone principle instrument of treatment. It can also be used complimentary to other therapies like massage and body work.

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