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Do I need to provide anything for an in home appointment?

We supply everything needed for your appointment. Including the massage table, towels, oils and any other items needed. You simply need to be there and enjoy your treatment. Afterwards you can stay relaxed at home without needing to drive. All we need is enough space to set up the table, and a comfortable room temperature.




I have booked the mobile clinic room for my at home appointment. How does it work?

Our fully equipped and specially designed mobile clinic room is a home away from home . It is comfortable, private, spacious, and contains everything our regular clinic room has. Including air conditioning.  We arrive all set up and ready to go. We will knock on the door to let you know we have arrived and are ready for your booking. All we need is enough parking space to accommodate a four wheel drive and large trailer. If you have limited street of underground parking please discuss this prior to your booking.




I have never had a massage or remedial therapy before. How do I know what to do?

Trying something new can be a little scary. You are in safe and experienced hands, and we are more than happy to answer any questions. If this is your first appointment, we will go through your intake form and chat about what your session will involve.  When finished, we will leave the room or area to give you privacy to get undressed (if required) and on the table. We will ask if you are ready before returning. You will be covered with a towel that is moved around to give easy working access to individual areas. This helps keep you warm and maintains your modesty at all times. When your appointment is finished, we leave the room again to let you get dressed before a recap of your session.




I don’t know if I am comfortable taking my clothes off. Is it necessary?

Which items of clothing you feel comfortable removing is completely up to you. We will do our best to work around clothing. Making sure you feel relaxed and comfortable during your appointment is one of our biggest priorities. So is maintaining your modesty. We want to make sure you experience as much benefit from your appointment as possible. Relaxed mind and body is a part of the experience.

With particular therapies or working on particular areas on the body, it is easier to work on them without needing to try to work around clothing. Especially if oils and lotions are needed. Underwear (knickers and jocks) are left on at all times, no exceptions! Most of the time, only one area at a time is exposed. The majority of the time you will be covered in a towel. Ladies are invited to remove their bra and cover themselves with a towel if working on their back. If it has a clip in the back strap, you will be asked if you would like us to unclip it while working, then reclip it once finished. You will NEVER be asked to be completely naked at any stage of your appointment. To do so is against our policy and procedures.




I wish my body was different, and I didn’t feel shy. What if something embarrassing happens?

We are all unique and our bodies do amazing things! This includes normal bodily functions and noises. Skipped lunch and your stomach is growling? Maybe you indulged in a few too many tins of baked beans. Or you were so conscious of being hydrated ready for your appointment all that water is catching up to you. We work with bodies of all shapes, sizes, and capabilities every day.  What ever may arise will be handled in a sensitive and caring manner. If at any stage you need a break, please let us know.




Something has come up last minute. What should I do?

No problem, life can have the habit of throwing us curve balls. Give us as much notice as possible. You can reach us by replying to your confirmation email or text message. If calling please also send a follow up text If your booking is at the home clinic and you get in contact with us more than 48 hours before hand, we can reschedule. Mobile bookings need a minimum of 5 days notice to reschedule and avoid the cancelation fee. If you are sick or unwell, we would prefer to reschedule and avoid passing on any contagious illnesses. For more details please check our bookings and policy information.




I have tried to call the numbers listed. I haven’t had a return phone call, and sometimes the number won’t ring at all.

We aren’t ignoring you we promise! Occasionally clients let us know they called and left a message and we didn’t get back to them. On checking the voicemail there are no missed calls or voice mail. We have tried to trouble shoot and fix it with the provider but it still keeps happening intermittently without rhyme or reason. The best explanation is the inconsistent phone signal being in a regional area. We apologise if this has happened and appreciate your patience. If we miss your call please follow it up with a text or email to ensure we don’t miss it.

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