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Mix & Match - Remedial + Relaxation

We have you covered with a combination of remedial and relaxation style treratment

What is a Mix & Match - Remedial + Relaxation style appointment?

Not quite sure what you need? We have you covered! 
This appointment is designed to combine the targeted results of remedial treatment for specific pain or dysfunction, while incorporating relaxation techniques, giving you the benefits of both.


This is by far our most popular booking option and a signature style Kate has developed.

Aspire Clinic WA is registered for private health fund rebates for remedial massage from most health funds if you have coverage.


Treatment options can include:

  • Deep tissue 

  • Trigger point 

  • Myofascial release 

  • Manual lymph drainage

  • Scenar

  • Dry needling

  • Cupping

  • Swedish relaxation

  • Hot stone

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Choose the initial booking option for your first appointment, or has been longer than 12 months since your last booking

In your first appointment, we start by assessing your posture, pain, and range of motion. As well as a detailed medical history of your conditions.
Your first appointment is aimed at tailoring the most effective treatment plan to meet your specific goals. 

Often this style of appointment has a variety of targeted and rhythmic relaxation moves that are designed to give you effective results but enable you to zone out and relax.

Your goals could include:

  • Reducing pain

  • Restoring your range of movement

  • Managing a chronic injury or condition

  • Preventative treatments

  • Calming the nervous system to reduce stress

  • Custom stretching and movement plan

What Is It

This massage is focussed on relieving pain and relaxing your nervous system.

Good For

Chronic conditions or ongoing symptoms that are painful. Wanting to relax.


Reduced stress, improved mobility, and a reduction in pain.


Reduced pain, increased sense of wellbeing. 

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